Solidarity to the fired workers of Ellinika Grammata in Athens

One of the biggest book publishing companies in the country, “Ellinika Grammata Publications”, closed down with no prior notification, making 100 employees redundant out of the blue -without taking into account the numerous freelance collaborators (translators etc). “Ellinika Grammata” is owned by Lambrakis Press S.A., the largest media group in Greece, which is anything but a hard hit victim of the crisis.

Lay-offs in the book sector have increased alarmingly recently. A number of base unions (i.e. grassroots unions) such as the Union of Employees in the Book Sector and the Union of Translators, Proofreaders and Editors are giving a fight along with the recently fired employees of Elliniki Grammata.

Among other things, a demo has been called for today (15/9) at 17:30 (local time) outside the Athens Concert Hall, to the Lambrakis Press SA offices (Mihalakopoulou 80).

The blog of the employees (in greek)

Αναδημοσίευση από το site: From the Greek Streets

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